Trump recently secured an endorsement from Puerto Rico’s governor and promised nearly $13 billion in additional aid last month to help the island rebuild from Hurricane Maria. Despite all the odds, our San Benito has released three albums, including his most recent one, El Último Tour del Mundo, which dropped on Thanksgiving. A new poll conducted by ASISA Research Group and reported on the El Vocero website has Governor Luis Fortuno pulling ahead of challenger Alejandro García Padilla by more than five percentage points: These results represent an increase of 11.5% for Fortuno since the last poll conducted by the company in July. By Camilo Montoya-Galvez and David Begnaud July 16, 2019 / 1:25 PM / … The protests, now known as the “Summer of 2019,” were sparked by a leaked chat in which the then-governor and other officials made fun of hurricane victims, among other things, and made comments that led to an investigation into possible corruption. Advocates of statehood would sweep elections in Puerto Rico if the election for Governor were held today. ASISA is a research company based in the Dominican Republic that also has a presence in Florida. Although he hasn’t yet confirmed or denied the rumors, the truth is that the reggaetonero is already working on new music with Rosalía, so we still have at least a bit more music to look forward to. Puerto Rico sends $72B+/- to the U.S. economy and receives $2.5M+/- from…, The Senators and Congress in the U.S. do NOT strive to support their constituents if they have been there more…, Puerto Rico is in deep Debt! This included the election of the new governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the Resident Commissioner before the United States Congress, as neither Governor Alejandro … Following a day full of Thanksgiving festivities, Benito also dropped a star-studded music video for the debut single from the album, “Yo Visto Así.”. Learn how your comment data is processed. Puerto Rico's Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez Sworn In As Governor But the latest round of political unrest, including the dismissal of several top cabinet members, began on Saturday. Now that he’s made good on the first promise, it remains to be seen as to whether or not he will follow through on the second half. ‘Selena’ Producer Sues Abraham And Suzette Quintanilla Over Limited Series, Elon Musk Wanted To Call His Tequila Brand ‘Teslaquila’ But Mexico Said No, 28-Year-Old Nurse Dies From COVID-19 Hours After Filming a Heartbreaking Video For His Family, Menendez Brother Of 1989 Murders Forced Into Solitary Confinement After Receiving Hoax Marijuana Package In Prison, Chris Perez Says He’s In the Dark When It Comes To Netflix’s ‘Selena: The Series’. Puerto Rico’s governor loses primary in chaotic election. But Bad Bunny wasn’t done surprising us yet. Wake up and smell…, Don’t really need ANOTHER task force. And although we’re grateful for this new album – which has some serious bops on it – many aren’t exactly celebrating the release. 53% vote for statehood in Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny is setting fire to 2020 with album after album and hit after hit – and all of it despite much of the world’s attention being on the Coronavirus pandemic. “Y en nueve mese‘ vuelvo y saco otro / Pa‘ retirarme tranquilo como Miguel Cotto,” Bunny said on the project he released back in February, promising both another release in November and also, his retirement. Ms Vásquez will become the island’s second female governor. The same frustration and hopelessness that effectively took down Puerto Rico's Gov. Asked about the issues that are of greatest concern to them in the upcoming election, respondents named crime, unemployment, lack of economic growth, and drug trafficking. Artists like Bad Bunny, Karol G, and J Balvin are taking the Latin sounds and taking them international. A new poll conducted by ASISA Research Group and reported on the El Vocero website has Governor Luis Fortuno pulling ahead of challenger Alejandro García Padilla by more than five percentage points: Fortuno: 44.5% Padilla: 39% Undecided: 9% Dalmau: 3.2% Other candidates: <1% each These results represent … The island is also facing a dwindling voter base as hundreds of thousands of residents have left the island for states like Florida and New York. Ricardo Rosselló first manifested itself in 2016. Aside from subtle hints dropped by Bad Bunny himself and a flurry of rumors from concerned fans, a prestigious Cuban clairvoyant has also come forward with her own predictions on the future of Bad Bunny. In January, as part of Senate Bill 1467, the Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly added a referendum on statehood to the ballot. More and more people are tuning in to the songs that make our own communities bump. Fortuno is the leader of the New Progressive Party (NPP), which  favors statehood for Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny kept his music coming while in quarantine. That’s the clear message of a poll that has has a good track record in past elections. Last year, Camila Cabello represented for the Latinas. If it’s approved, the governor of Puerto Rico will appoint a seven-person commission to represent the island in statehood negotiations. Puerto Ricans were asked, “Should Puerto Rico be immediately admitted into the union as a state?”.With over 97 percent of the results in, over 52.27 percent of voters voted affirmatively.. “They’ve been doing the same thing for years and there’s no change,” he said, adding that the island’s public education system needs to be improved and wages increased to prevent the loss of young people moving to the U.S. mainland in search of work. RELATED: Pedro Pierluisi Is the New Governor of Puerto Rico This … Doesn’t pay Fed taxes and can’t even operate its Government! It’s also the first election since hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans took to the streets to demand the resignation of Gov. In Puerto Rico’s gubernatorial race, Pedro Pierluisi has a thin lead over Carlos Delgado; the candidates are separated by less than 10,000 votes. Need a congress that will act on the voting results from the last election.…, IF all this is true, then WHAT IS THE HOLDUP? Please email us at [email protected] The Court ruled results from both Sundays would be released once the polls close on 16 August. Spotify’s 2020 wrap showed that Bad Bunny is indeed one of the most popular artists in the world. The State Elections Commission (CEE) has already counted 5,295 out of the 5,567 polling stations. Puerto Rico does not cast electoral votes for president of the United States.It does, however, hold primary nominating events. SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico’s two main political parties were in a tight gubernatorial race late Tuesday after voters stood in long lines and forced polling centers to remain open late as they chose new leaders they hope can help heal a U.S. territory wracked by corruption, hurricanes, earthquakes and the … The Cuban-Mexican-American pop star was all over the Spotify charts. The video features appearances from Ricky Martin, Sofia Vergara, Ryan Garcia, Karol G, Luka Sabbat and more, as Bad Bunny sings about the fact that he he’s going to dress however he wants to, no matter how anybody else feels about it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mr Rosselló was Puerto Rico’s 12th governor and the first to resign. Puerto Rico’s pro-statehood candidate Pedro Pierluisi Wednesday was holding on to his narrow lead in the gubernatorial race as ballot counting continued and his chief rival refused to concede. Ricardo Rosselló. On Tuesday, voters on the island will get to elect a new governor. But others became suspicious given the album’s name, El Último Tour del Mundo. There are two resent federal cases, pending in the Supreme Court that irrefutiably stablished With IRS STATISTICS that PR,…, You provided the information as to how much money P.R. Despite the drop in eligible voters, the diversity of parties and candidates has increased in recent years, slowly eroding the grip that the New Progressives and Popular Democrats have had on the island’s politics for decades. If it’s approved, the governor of Puerto Rico will appoint a seven-person commission to represent the island in statehood negotiations. The album reached No. On “<3,” the final track from Yo Hago Lo Que Me De La Gana,  Bad Bunny  promised fans he would release another album in 9 months–and he did exactly that. 1 in the U.S. on the Independent Albums Billboard, Top Latin Albums Billboard, and Latin Rhythm Albums Billboard charts. The singer is Spotify’s most-streamed artist in 2020 according to the platform’s yearly round-up. Now that’s an anthem I can get behind! A new Equis poll of 600 registered voters of Puerto Rican heritage in Florida shows that these voters support statehood, according to the Miami Herald. According to the Puerto Rico State Elections Commission (CEE by its Spanish initials) website, she had 131,941 votes as of Friday. He and Rosselló are from the same party. Governor of Puerto Rico Wanda Vázquez announced last Saturday that the island would hold a referendum during the 3 November general elections on whether they want their land to become the 51st American state. Puerto Rico governor vows to remain in office despite escalating protests. The Puerto Rican flag is seen outside the Governor's residence as Puerto Ricans vote in the general election in San Juan, Puerto Rico on November 03, 2020. Pedro Pierluisi of the pro-statehood New Progressive Party held a slight lead over Carlos Delgado of the Popular Democratic Party, which supports the island’s current status. In fact, two tracks from the album (“Dákiti” and “La Noche de Anoche”) are already two of the top 10 most streamed songs on Spotify. Last year Bad Bunny was the fifth most-streamed artist in the world so this was definitely a bigger and better year for San Benito. ASISA conducted interviews with respondents in 41 communities in Puerto Rico. This is the sixth time that Puerto Rico has voted on the question of statehood. Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Democratic primary. People across the island are now anxiously awaiting the results following a heated contest that saw long lines of voters and produced a tight gubernatorial race in the U.S. Caribbean territory. Mhoni Vidente, a Cuban fortune teller, has said that Bad Bunny will retire from music to devote himself to politics: “About Bad Bunny I see that in the future he will be president of Puerto Rico, governor, that he is going to be in politics and that he is going to bring a new era in political matters to all his people in the United States and Puerto Rico.”, Copyright© 2020 Latido Mitu Holdings LLC, all rights reserved. Track the important calendar dates, the candidates, and race results for the 2020 Presidential Election primaries for all states and U.S. territories. Full statehood for Puerto Rico would allow its residents constitutional rights that Puerto Ricans do not have: the ability to vote in presidential and congressional elections. Support for U.S. statehood was leading with more than 52%, with more than 95% of votes counted. Notice any needed corrections? It’s been a rough couple of years for the island of Puerto Rico. (Bloomberg) -- For the first time since ousting their governor during the tumultuous summer of 2019, Puerto Ricans are heading to the polls Tuesday to choose new leadership and cast a non-binding vote on whether they want to be a full-fledged state. He was governor of Puerto Rico for about two minutes about a year ago when there was a lot of political turmoil on the island, but what party does he represent? The album came out at midnight Thanksgiving morning and racked up millions of views within hours of its release. 57% favor statehood 26% prefer “Commonwealth” 6% choose independence Statehood is the favored choice in Puerto Rico and among stateside Americans in general. This year’s elections are also noteworthy because it’s the first time in recent history that neither of the island’s two main parties secured more than 40% of the overall vote. If the governor then accepted the plan, it would … The poll found that 31% of respondents consider Puerto Rico to be moving in the right direction, and increase of 11.4% since the July survey.

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