She is welcome to try, but I'm not going to, But Hayden Johnston, from Tarras Vineyards, told me it doesn't, My husband spends his day searching for jobs online, all of which is soul-destroying enough, especially when most companies or agencies do not even, In fact, the risk of strep throat is low enough for adults that doctors may skip testing them, deciding not to, Thinking fast, we played possum, hoping the bear wouldn't, The Muleskinner, tried to ask the school's Board of Governors about the retirement package, the school's attorney told them not to, He spent no more than a couple of hours in hospital, not a, He is pretty stubborn about his political beliefs, so why, I thumbed through the book and decided not to, And so my conk with a wonk doesn't actually, Of course, he could be on the lam from somewhere, but in that case why, When a man is dead, he is dead, and in estimating the death duty you have not to, The night-riders mostly used these here automatic shot-guns, but they didn't, It gave me the creeps, and that is a sensation that does not, This young lady, a Miss dibble, is downstairs, where her typewriter will not, But when fortune favored him, Mr. gallivant didn't, When a chap has been skinnin' halibut, minnows are too small for him to, Unlike Corliss of Yale, the Harvard man did not, If we put this deal over right we don't need to, And happy turns of the day is yen a geat big gal is two years old with a ickle, Most of the drop sphere is made of inflatable metallic foil, so don't, Most of the drop sphere is made of inflatable metallic foil so don't, There were any number of discords and any amount of flatting, but little things like that did not, An' we gets a letter from the jackaroo's friends that puts us to a lot more, But the false scorpion may be considered rather as a, You had the fun of homemaking without the, The only thing you can do is to Stan' by a man when he gets into, Alternating current needs no interrupter, and so that, They can be swapped for duck and chickens, but what a, I was tired to death of jigging and gallanting, and that, But I crossly bade him look sharp and say his prayers and not, Badger-face, sez Horace, youre the darnedest, You are dead tired and I'm not, so go and rest and don't, A female may be highly connected, but she can't be permitted to, All along I've been wanting to be a robber, but I knew I'd got to have a thing like this, and where to run across it was the, When they find Felipe Jalisco I think they'll not, The boys have had a hard night, and you must not, They'll soon get tired of that, and won't, But did his very lengthy history as a lady-killer. Every day was a new one, so why bother about yesterday? Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " My big brother is getting married. You are dead tired and I'm not, so go and rest and don't bother. (go to) " Cleaning the house would save me the bother. to cause unease, anxiety, or worry in (someone): I hadn't realized how much being in a small boat bothers me until we got into choppy waters. bother (lang: en) The Sentence Maker allows you to enter a word or phrase in the text box below and retrieve translated sentence pairs (English and Spanish) containing that word/phrase. Rewriting the sentences can be tough when it comes to writing academic papers. a son can say “i love you” either father or brother. I didn't even bother to ask. to bewilder… CK 1 2261218 Don't bother Tom. 110. b : something that causes petty annoyance or worry Fixing it would be too much of a bother. Definition of bothered. (big, younger, older, elder, baby, little, twin) " He is my step brother. : feeling or showing agitation, worry, annoyance, etc. It stays it its original form. Guybrush88 1 2243069 They bother me. ‘Don't bother with the scenic railway, grumped the driver who picked us up from the Megalong Valley once we'd landed.’ ‘Nobody was out, so why bother with trying to find a model?’ ‘We paid a brief visit to Highland Park, but didn't bother with the distillery tour (when you've seen one, you've seen them all).’ Brother sentence examples. How to not let things bother you (6 tips) Here are 6 tips that you can use right away that will help you to not be bothered by pointless stuff anymore. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Bother" in Example Sentences Page 1. See a translation Report copyright infringement; Answers When you "disagree" with an answer. 2. uncountable noun [oft a NOUN] Bother means trouble or difficulty. 111. We'll meet soon, brother, she'd said. Meaning: ['bɒðə] n. 1. an angry disturbance 2. something or someone that causes trouble; a source of unhappiness. Doesn't it bother you that your roommate never does the vacuuming? ". ". Please show me some example sentences with bother. You/We/They had been bothering. used to + verb. "I'm sorry to bother you," she said again, unable to see his face in the shadows of the dimly lit room. (transitive) To annoy, to disturb, to irritate. 66. CK 1 2269358 Oh, don't bother. I usually buy sliced bread–it's less bother. She remembered her brother and his love. She wept because her brother teased her very much. Another word for bothers. Instead, this article is about the things that bother us that can be prevented. You/We/They had bothered. Definition of kid written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. Badger-face, sez Horace, youre the darnedest bother of a man I ever saw. Many of the sentences have audio, too. Simple Future Tense. / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / … Sorry to be such a bother, but I need your help. However, at a time like this, we need not, He said there would be a moon, so they need not, Of course I couldn't work with my bad arm, but it didn't, The sharks don't come near enough to the shore to, If you are unhappy, in distressed circumstances, don't, Bother in a sentence | Short example sentence for bother[Class 1-5], Neophyte in a sentence | Short example sentence for neophyte[Class 1-5], Digging in a sentence | Short example sentence for digging[Class 1-5], Boat in a sentence | Short example sentence for boat[Class 1-5], Parrot in a sentence | Short example sentence for parrot[Class 1-5], Very Little in a sentence | Short example sentence for very little[Class 1-5], Crab in a sentence | Short example sentence for crab[Class 1-5], Naught in a sentence | Short example sentence for naught[Class 1-5], Dragons in a sentence | Short example sentence for dragons[Class 1-5], Against in a sentence | Short example sentence for against[Class 1-5], Be in a sentence | Short example sentence for be[Class 1-5], Discourage in a sentence | Short example sentence for discourage[Class 1-5], Consider in a sentence | Short example sentence for consider[Class 1-5], Consist in a sentence | Short example sentence for consist[Class 1-5], Interfere in a sentence | Short example sentence for interfere[Class 1-5], Affect in a sentence | Short example sentence for affect[Class 1-5], Include in a sentence | Short example sentence for include[Class 1-5], Require in a sentence | Short example sentence for require[Class 1-5], Entail in a sentence | Short example sentence for entail[Class 1-5], Words to describe Bother | Bother Adjectives. i don’t have brother and my father already leave me to nowhere, but then i’ll found someone not only be my brother but also become my father. The main work of any paraphrase toolonline is to help you to change the words and sentences of any write-up. Synonym: annoy , concern , fuss , trouble , worry . 1. : Rome gave Philip an ultimatum to cease his campaigns against Rome's new Greek allies. He's a good dog. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. CK 1 1852284 Quit bothering me. It - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary He/She/It will/shall bother. Unwanted annual reports and other shareholder documents may also, They might have beheaded heretics and adulterers and amputated the limbs of petty thieves but they didn't, I just think they're looney tunes and out of control down south, so don't, So I offer the following condensations on the basis that they'll either inspire trips to the bookshop, or save you the, In one case, the cooperative art dealers didn't even, That he is in his early 40s, and has children and a very long-suffering wife, doesn't, Her report is worth a good fisking, but why, They are probably quite happy with their extra income and it is only when the awkward squad makes waves that they even, We welcome submissions through e-mail because that saves us the, I'm more open to ambiguous protagonists and anti-heroes, so this aspect didn't, Most psychologically stressed patients don't, The traffic jams are now so ridiculous I wonder why I, Oddly enough, if I know for certain that the scuttling thing isn't arachnoid in nature, it doesn't, However, Jack Sanderson, the test pilot, says this will not, They are easily rooted from cuttings, so I rarely, It sounded like the sort of soaring, gorgeous, melancholy stuff Radiohead used to write before they got too arty-farty to, Every good tactician pays attention to details which the less skillful don't notice or don't, That his lycanthropy is never resolved seems not to, In return he will issue them a letter of safe conduct so that other members of his band will not, His attention span was short, though, and even loneliness did not, Premier Division top dogs Kirkby lonsdale had no such, People here just want to get on with their lives and not, I am astonished at the number of people who don't wear hats or, He bombs about with the other dogs and is so determined to do whatever they do but he is really clumsy, which has landed him in, I am positive that my theory is correct, so I don't think I would ever, The catchy title and cover art attracted many to a tome that otherwise would have been considered way too abstruse to, Let us hope the permit will be road rally one otherwise nobody north of Watford will, When we received the paperwork to nominate ourselves we didn't, There is not a proposition or an insight I can, We'll do Nessun Dorma too, we can handle that with no, Most people's symptoms are so mild that they don't, Once he sees that she has noticed, he decides that maybe he won't, If the Hunting Bill was so important, why did neither the Prime Minister nor the Chancellor, It all comes down to two simple facts, both of which were obvious from the beginning to anyone who would, A human will recognise that some moves hardly change the situation, and so will not, They are not sincere, he says, and he does not even, The majority of winter damages happen when boaters don't expect inclement weather and don't, When you see the movie you'll notice we didn't even, She was busily adjusting the settings of the missiles so they were lucky that she didn't even, I have downloaded your entire website as evidence and I saved screencaps of it, so don't, But transparency is a fat lot of good if the newspapers don't, Having several Komondors in the house doesn't, It would be marvellous to hear his reactions on other fuss and, A menacing voiceover says that some people don't, Though she is allergic to cigarette smoke, the fumes from the mixed fruit tobacco didn't, The sheet of paper was so long that i didn't, The only reason for doing it is to save you the, About success and failure, he remarks that he enjoys success and doesn't, So, if that was the only reason you wanted to see the movie, I've just saved you the, In truth, intimates often feel excluded from your professional life, unaware your intention is to not bore or, Everyone knows each other here, so we won't, But if the goal is to not interact with people, why, A soldier asks all the men to come off the bus, but only half do, and he decides not to, Since there's a near infinite number of possible exercises, Amiigo doesn't, Until the soil temperature is 65 degrees, you might as well not even, Now my friend protests that the lyrics are deep and that the sound is an acquired taste, but with so much else out there to listen to, why, When we were bored, I would take my gang along to dad's shop, play with his vast selection of nails and knives and generally, I make jokes about rape because I'm a control freak and I spin a lot of things that, He listens with a beatific half smile to his visitors in English and responds in rapid fire Nepali, which the secretary in his ministry does not, They like to mind their own business and will only, In some areas buffalo, kudu and common duikers are a, The fact that a certificate is signed by an intermediary may not ring alarms for many users, assuming they ever, She was not aware of her own tight stance and did not, Growing up as the post-Cold War generation, in a cushy house and being provided for, punk bands do not know what politics are about, or why they should, But as time went by, and there was no news of the men, I decided they were unlikely to, Kids weren't bogged down by the taxation plot device that seems to unnecessarily, Although the tenor blew out his lovely lyric voice years ago, long before his bout with and recovery from leukemia, that doesn't seem to, Because, well, I hate to say it, but if it really were all the same to him, he'd have accepted your gracious invite on the spot and spared himself the, I was going to write loads on this topic but Sarah saved me the, That was incontestably so, but it bothered her a lot more than it seemed to, Mother used to cook elaborate dinners, but with only herself to cook for, she doesn't, He related how he'd recently experienced a spot of technical, The only thing wrong with it is that the songs are a bit samey, but seeing as the album is less than 40 minutes long, this doesn't, It ticks me off to no end that they didn't even, The same team found the winning formula again half-an-hour later as Sohcahtoa got himself out of a little, The fact that I was middle-aged, bald, married, and raising girls instead of chasing them didn't really, I shouted at the screen telling her not to, Go for the fun of it and don't let equipment, From his appearance I got the impression he wore his suits a number of times between ironings and didn't even, Elderly don't bug me, however loud drunken adults, Windblast was light to moderate, not enough to, Ghosts of these thoughts came to him but soon faded and, leaving no aftersigns, they caused no, You know you should get up but the thought of making your way to the bathroom to wash is like a trojan task.

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