Carpet Weaving They weave woolen blankets, bags, shawls, and jackets with the reflection of their mastery over the art. Title: THE MONASTERY ARTS AND CRAFTS OF SIKKIM Author: Kamal Bikash Choudhury and Maitreyee Choudhury Subject: Bulletin of Tibetology, 2001, Number 2, pp 18-32 Shop No. Wood Carving The charm of this state is ever enticing and no one can abstain from its allure. Choktse is a kind of foldable table and has become a special product of Sikkim. The Arts and Crafts movement originated as late 19th-century design reform and social movement principally in Europe, North America and Australia, and continues today. The ‘thankas’ (traditional tapestry), leather works, dolls, multicolored applique work, batiks, a fine collection of dolls, and a range of fashionable garments are the additional specialties of Sikkim. The cultural richness of Sikkim … Sikkim Art and Craft Sikkim is renowned for its dazzling and appealing beauty. Wood craft, an ancient art form was originally patronised by the Buddhist monasteries, where ornate wood plaques, Buddhist symbols and icons continue to adorn the walls. This organization has been established to conserve and pass around the art and craft skills of the artificers of Gangtok. In the following lines, we have tried to give a glimpse of Sikkimese handicrafts. The Directorate of Handloom and Handicrafts was established with the purpose of promoting and preserving fine ethnic arts and crafts of Sikkim. Thangka Paintings Arts & Crafts Store Originally, paintings were made by priests and monks, later the skills got passed from generation to generation. Indeed the State Government is making constant efforts to promote the art & crafts of Sikkim. has established the Handicraft and Handloom Institute, to preserve and promote traditional cottage art and craft of genuine Sikkimese design. Thangka Painting: Thangka painting is another craft of Sikkim which is well known for its artistic value and religious significance. These paintings portray images of different Gods, Goddesses, and philosophies related to Buddhism. The people of Sikkim are warm, simple and friendly with a nature gaiety. The Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom as on date is a hub of activity, development and progress showcasing the traditional arts and crafts of Sikkim. The mask dance of Sikkim is also portrayed in wood carvings. Although Sikkim developed properly then too people of Sikkim prefer the olden ways as it is more cheaper and provide better quality. The Government of Sikkim is making constant efforts to keep the arts & crafts alive. From centuries, craft items of Sikkim enhance economic condition of India. The subject of these paintings revolves around the life of Buddha and his teachings. All the handicrafts are amazing whether it is fantastic carpet or Chotkse table. Gangtok is a souvenir hunter’s paradise. Sikkim 2. From fine stone carving to traditional art of Pattachitra, These tables are made in different designs and dimensions. Being one of the fastest growing plants and found in abundance all over the state, Bamboo is deeply embedded in several traditions of Sikkim and remains a decades old craft. The main attractions of sikkim are: Mountaineering, Trekking River rafting, Yak safari, Mountain biking, Hang gliding. The institution is a reservoir of eye-catching handicraft and handlooms like carpets, wood carved furniture, thankas, and canvas wall hangings. Handloom weaving The handloom tradition in Sikkim is very old and Lepchas women play a predominant role in handloom weaving, they begin to learn the art from a very young age and gain exceptional craftsmanship in … The state borders Nepal to the west, Tibet Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China to the north and east, and Bhutan to the southeast. Sikkim ppt 1. There is a symbolic meaning of Wood Carving in Sikkim which means true art of India.The symbols and icons which are chiseled will help for everyone to trace the meaning of each monasteries.There is a mask dance In Sikkim which is characterized in wood carvings. Sikkimese Art and Handicrafts, Gangtok Sikkim is a glorious place with some of the brilliant locations to explore. Choose from the cunningly crafted furniture, the Lepcha weave bags, Intricately woven carpets and the beautiful artifacts in wood and bamboo. P38 Raipur. For this, the Handicraft and Handloom Institute has been established; it is solely dedicated to preserve and encourage the traditional cottage art and craft of authentic Sikkimese design. with facility of indoor games like TT and Carrom available. The best part about this serene state is its preserved culture and enticing traditions that they have well-maintained for years now. GANGTOK . Rooms are cozy with good basic comfort, dining and lounge are is spacious. (PDF) FOLKLORE, ART AND CRAFTS OF THE LEPCHA OF SIKKIM AND DARJEELING | Ajay Jha - This essay is a study of cultural life of Lepcha. Initially, these paintings were the only medium to preach the highest ideals of Buddhism. Achievements: DIRECTORATE OF HANDICRAFTS AND HANDLOOM. The handicrafts of Sikkim have a kind of appeal in them, whether it is a fantastic woven carpet or an amazing ‘choktse’ table, everything is just wonderful.

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