But the artist is also passionate about photographing architecture, wit I hope you enjoyed the pictures and perhaps some of the thoughts. Minimalism as an art form, minimalist design and minimalist architecture. Jeanette Hägglund is always interested to understand a building to deconstruct it. Some striking images here, thanks for sharing them. That’s exciting that you are venturing into large format photography. As much as I appreciate a minimalist approach in my “general” photography, I regularly feel the urge of rather complicated, technical procedures. Before proceeding, here some articles from 35mmc that relate to this topic: Unremarkable architecture photo project (Hamish Gill) They all look like something I would take! Simplicity and minimalism are two things that complement each other. You may want to read up on the rules of photography composition so you have a starting point when you’re setting up for your first a minimalist photoshoot. Material I, a new series of minimalist architecture photography by Matthias Heiderich. Would you like to write for 35mmc? Dominika Roseclay. You are miles ahead of me with regards to minimalism! To keep this digression to a minimum, but if this topic is of interest, I recommend John Aldred’s piece and also a more in depth discussion on focal lengths by Cambridge in Colour. Desert House – Minimalist Architecture Fine Art Photography Print $ 43.00. You could also experiment with silhouettes, where the viewer will only see the outline of your subject against the backdrop. I’ve moved countries several times in the last ten years, which is one motivation for keeping belongings to a minimum. 5 years ago. Alternatively, please feel free to chuck a few pennies in the tip jar via Ko-fi: kofiwidget2.init('Support Me on Ko-fi', '#46b798', 'D1D0KHG8');kofiwidget2.draw(); Learn about where your money goes here. The goal here is for you to end up with a selection of photos that showcase the wedding while remaining clean and simple. Of course, there is nothing wrong with zooms! Of course, the lens (camera) is ultimately just a tool. Jacqueline Kelly. Select your lighting and background depending on the vibe you are going for with your minimalist still life photography. I shot the whole day with the fifty. Minimalistic. So, yes, 50mm works fairly well, but of course is not always ideal. Process finished images. It’s also always a good idea to get some inspiration from other photographers, so check out some examples of architecture photography portfolios before you head out on your first photo shoot. If you don't like the adverts you can subscibe here and they will disapear. Many photographers refer to the rule of thirds when creating their compositions. Tip #8: Lines and Shapes in Minimal Pictures. For more ideas on minimalist portrait photography, look through some portrait photography portfolios to see how other photographers are approaching this niche. And it has to be easy and intuitive and fun to use. Minimalist photography is about achieving a strong impact with only a few visual elements, so experiment with removing as much visual information from your composition as possible without compromising the strength of the image. Interested in minimalist photography but don’t know much about it? Just like the other elements of a minimalist photo, lines and shapes are another way to direct your viewer’s eye around the composition. Landscape photography provides a great opportunity for minimalist photography, with nature providing all sorts of inspiration for you to draw from. (With a few exceptions). All of these choices will depend on a variety of factors, so while you’re getting started, don’t be afraid to try out a bunch of different things so you can discover what works best for your individual artistic eye. I feel that, rather than seeing it as a restriction, the reduced set of equipment choices is very liberating. I spent many years using my Zuiko 35 and 50mm lenses for 95% or more of my photography (an 80-210mm zoom was the sole other item, often left behind as I didn’t like carrying it everywhere while one prime was on the camera and the other would fit in a pocket). Another tip for great minimal wedding photography is to play with the colors in post-production. However, you do have control over your location and angle in relation to your subject, which can make all the difference in whether or not your minimalist photo is successful. In an ideal world, I would just go out and shoot, without thinking about the gear a second. I’ve always been a fan of minimalist architecture. Of course, the current economic crisis lends itself to pursue such “minimalistic” life style if nothing other than for economical reasons. Back in 2016, I was preparing for my NYD shoot. This technique is useful to keep in mind when taking minimalist shots of architecture, landscapes, and other large subjects. Architecture is another niche that can work really well with minimalist photography. The latest minimalist architecture projects, including an off-grid chapel in the Algarve by Álvaro Siza Viera and a clifftop holiday home by John Pawson. And certainly, there can be an overlap between a minimalist design aesthetic, and a minimalist life style. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Now for the last two years she has been trying to persuade me to upgrade to three… so far without success. See more ideas about Architecture, Minimalist architecture, Architecture design. The epitome of minimalist architecture, John Pawson’s design is as beautiful as it is purposeful. As a photographer, one of... Look for symmetry. Minimalist Blue Architectural Photographs. Absolutely. Architecture studio Atelier ordinaire and designers Stattmann Neue Moebel created a sustainable and minimalist prefab wood house together in Bourgogne in France. And concerning my casual 35mm photography: I’m a 50mm guy, too. Since your chance to get the perfect shot might be limited to your subject briefly walking through your composition, it’s also a good idea to make use of your camera’s burst mode, so you will have a bunch of minimalist photos to choose from later on. In this case, the use of negative space is key, as you still want to draw your viewer’s attention to your subject, while keeping the overall effect of a minimalist photo. However, without a sense of scale, their impressive size won’t be obvious. In fact, using bold colors in your photos can be just as effective as more of neutral color palette, depending on what you are going for with your minimalist photography. Have you ever considered something like the Nikkor 35mm F2D? No matter your experience, these minimalist photography ideas and tips will get you started. When you frame these lines against negative space, you can adjust your position in order to lead the viewer’s eye in a certain direction, depending on what you are going for in your minimalist architecture photography. This meant, I would only bring one camera & one 50mm lens to my photography outings. But how do you achieve those gorgeous minimalist pictures that you keep seeing on all of your social media timelines? Minimalist design also shows restraint and a careful paring down and editing of spaces to get to a place of clarity. Control composition of minimalist architecture photography. It’s like Yin and Yang. What things should I consider as a minimalist photographer? 61. An added benefit to these approaches is that your minimalist photo will evoke mystery by not including all of the details of your subject, leaving plenty of room for artistic interpretation. For example, you can adjust your aperture settings depending on whether you want the emphasis to be on the foreground or background, blurring whatever is not the focus so your viewer’s eyes know where to focus. For example, a hectic downtown intersection during rush hour is probably not going to make for a successful minimalist photo. For my own journey, I started to consciously limit my lens choices to a 50mm focal length (in full frame equivalent). If one is particularly interested in depth of field and out of focus rendering, both important artistic tools, I also recommend Cambridge in Colour. I liked your comment of “fun, challenges and occasional frustration” of film, I think that is definitely true. While your images are very minimalist & highly detailed, do you think maybe even more subject would perhaps suit your style, or is that perhaps too wide for your consideration? Incorporate simple colors of minimalist nature photography. 35mmc is a blog authored, edited and published by Hamish Gill featuring daily articles submitted by readers. You may want to include small pops of color in an otherwise neutral photo or go for a colorful negative space, like a blue lake or sky. Find out how here. For example, in photography, it could mean to apply minimalism to photography gear itself (versus the art of photography). Minimalist food photography textures. Minimalist street photography is probably my favorite of all. Cheers, Daniel, Hi again Daniel! Minimalist photography may appear simple, but there’s more to the process of actually creating minimalism photography than initially meets the eye. Whether this is minimalist design, sculptures, paintings, or photographs. You might photograph a flower or tree from below to frame it against the sky, or you could pick up an object from the ground and hold it in front of you with the sky in the background. It might be a good idea to find a higher vantage point from which you can look down on the street as opposed to being on the same level, and choose a quiet location or time of day to avoid unnecessary visual clutter in your minimal pictures. )eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'35mmc_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_10',184,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'35mmc_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_11',184,'0','1'])); As mentioned, I love minimalism as an art form / style as well. Alternatively, for as little as $1 a month, you can help support the upkeep of 35mmc and get access to exclusive content over on Patreon. Today it is … For my personal landscape work, I used to travel with 3 full-frame zoom lenses, 2 bodies, a variety of filters and a big tripod. I’d say I’m a minimalist when it comes to most personal possessions. So I was forced to be creative with my limited resources. Perhaps then a 40-43mm range lens? Likewise, when you incorporate texture into your minimalist photography, it may be either your focal subject or your background that is textured. These subjects are well-suited for minimalism because they allow for a lot of empty space. Thanks for your kind comments! For example, turning a photo black and white can be an easy way to make it appear more minimal. But a simple prime and the resulting limited choices definitely works well for me when I go out on the streets . Thanks for sharing that interesting experience (and your NYD tradition!). To make matters even more complicated, many say that focal length determines the perspective of an image. When it comes to combining minimalist photography with a wedding photoshoot, your approach is naturally going to differ quite a bit. Instead, you could try having your subject in a monotone outfit against a backdrop of that same color, or a complementary color, depending on what mood you are going for with your minimalist photography. […], Hi Dan, - Webzine d'inspiration dédié à l'art, au design et à la créativité, UFUNK offre un regard décalé et insolite sur la pop culture, les artistes et l'univers créatif contemporain. You might want to play with architectural symmetry to create a balanced image. Golden River in Prague – Minimalist Fine Art Photography Print $ 43.00. I had to laugh at the one gear on a bicycle comment! When you provide ample visual space around your photo’s subject, your viewer’s eye will automatically be drawn to your subject, allowing them to immediately understand what the photo is all about. If you’re not able to crop out the visual clutter when lining up your shot, you can always apply the principles of composition in post-production in Lightroom or Photoshop. © 2020 Ideaform Inc., All Rights Using leading lines is a concept many people may not know about, but is a key to successful... Color is Crucial. Hi Daniel! Now, I wanted to briefly discuss one issue that often comes up in the prime versus zoom discussion. Still life photography is the ideal niche to practice your minimalist photography. But I completely agree that the reduced set of equipment choices is very liberating indeed. Thanks for your comments! Fully agree with you that one lens is liberating! This is not the first time that I explored a more minimalist “single lens” approach: last year, my family and I went on a 2 week Europe trip (I am from Switzerland originally), and I had only a 35mm FF equivalent prime lens with me (back then, a Fuji X camera with a 23mm 1.4 prime lens that I have sold since then).eval(ez_write_tag([[300,600],'35mmc_com-box-4','ezslot_16',182,'0','0'])); Are there or were there times when I wished I had a wider or longer focal length? Lukas. One day turned into a week, a week into a few months, etc. There is something to be said about the economy of shot choice with film, but it is also true that digital enables us to sometimes perhaps take more risks (although one could argue we can do this with film, too … something I am trying to do at the very moment … to photograph much looser and less planned and take more risks so to say). It turned out to be a good subject as I live in a bigger city and was still able to take photographs during the “lockdown”.eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'35mmc_com-box-3','ezslot_4',179,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'35mmc_com-box-3','ezslot_5',179,'0','1'])); I also love minimalism. With music, I am more creative and get more out of a session when I am working within restrictions. You’ll have simplicity, but not grandeur. Spot on!! Now, inspired by sites like this one, I have decided to re-explore the fun, challenges and occasional frustration of film and have picked up several old 35mm cameras and plan to rediscover my roots. You may need to create photo opportunities as opposed to shooting candid in order to have more control over your composition. Christopher Domakis captured impressively the several shapes and contrast of buildings, interior and environments. However, that doesn’t mean your photos need to be all black and white. All films have been developed at home, scanned with a Nikon DSLR system (D850, with Nikkor 105mm Macro 2.8 lens), digital raw files converted with Negative Lab Pro 2.0 and edited in Adobe Lightroom. less! Some think minimalist pictures should tell a specific story, while others think it’s more about what you’re depicting than any deeper meaning. In this section, we’ll go over some of the most popular photography niches and break down how you can make the best use of minimalist photography in each of these situations. I am also a musician, and have started to minimize my gear there as well. Seagulls on Icebreaker in Prague – Minimalist Photography Print $ 43.00. Aside from the obvious cost, the use of film is limited by film stock (including color or monochrome), and ISO speed and the overall work flow. I yearned for other lenses, especially zooms, which I finally got after my EF was fatally damaged in a dust storm while I was setting up for fireworks photos. Thank you for sharing yours. The workflow is completely new to me and seems exciting. One of the important things in minimalist photography is composition… These guidelines will help you get started, but where you take your minimalist photography is entirely up to you. etc. And what does a minimalist street photo mean? Look for areas with simple backgrounds so they won’t distract from your subject, then wait for a single person to enter the shot you’ve already lined up ahead of time. Daria … A simple way to think about composition in terms of minimalist photography is to think about all of the elements in your shot, and decide what is actually necessary and what can be eliminated for the sake of the image as a whole. Of course. The furniture pieces chosen for the project from Stattmann Neue Moebel’s vast collection are perfectly paired with the simple internal architecture. But, that’s good. Your Guide to Earning Money as a Photographer during COVID-19, 28 Freelance Work Websites for Finding New Clients and Better Jobs. I am also a huge fan of the 24mm focal length, in particular for landscape photography. Composition in minimalist photography refers to the way your viewer’s eyes will move around the photo. My one camera/one lens: the 35mm on the camera. Article by Mindsparkle Magazine. Le photographe autodidact allemand Maik Lipp réalise des séries de photographies ultra minimalistes, intitulées Mixed Minimal I et Mixed Minimal II au sein desquelles il met les bâtiments à l’honneur sur fond de ciel bleu. Spanning 12 categories, the competition offers minimalist takes on everything from Architecture and Landscape, to Aerial, Fine Art and Street photography. Minimalist architecture is about achieving better design through simplicity a simplicity of form, space, materiality, detail, and color. I have been applying some minimalist approaches to my photography and thought it could be fun to share some of my experiences and thoughts on that topic (with image samples). Out the door, and I realized I had taken my 50mm lens, and forgotten my 35mm lens. While the idea of minimalist photography is all about simplicity, that doesn’t mean they are boring. I look forward to seeing some of your large format work! The simple way to start setting up for your minimal wedding photography shoot is to choose a location with very little going on in the background.

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