Hope this helped!!!? A healthy rabbit should be given 1 cup per 2 pounds of body weight a day. Kale, romaine etc…but no iceburg. There are foods that should not be part of the lionhead rabbit’s diet: When introducing a new food to your Lionhead rabbit, do it slowly. We recommend: Kaytee Alfalfa Mini Bale Pet Treat, 24-Ounce. In addition to all commonly known water benefits, I want to note that it prevents Ileus. With their characteristic wooly manes and their desire for lots of human interaction, Lionhead rabbits need more care than other domestic breeds of rabbits. Rabbits t’s in the wild all they ate were fresh greens not pellets. For example, the diet of babies differs a lot from the diet of an adult lionhead. If a rabbit does not have a they can get serious health problems and will die. This type of hay is very popular, there is however a clear explanation. This is due to the fact that their digestive system is created for digesting low nutrition food instead of highly nutrition food that contains large amounts of proteins,fat and calcium. Their digestive systems are designed to process a low-energy and a low-protein diet. Lionheads are extremely fond of fruits. In the case of wild rabbits, they eat vegetables, fruits, seeds, grasses, etc. Due to high sugar concentrations it is possible bacterial dis-balance within their digestive system, and may also cause a rabbit’s desire to eat only fruits, not their normal, healthy food. What do Lionhead rabbits like to eat? As goes for all rabbit … Often, if the rabbit is bought from a pet shop, we are not aware how old the rabbit is. There … They need Timothy hay and lots of it. Maybe you could try giving him some veggies to make him it more.? Lionhead rabbits have a very specific diet you must adhere to every day. Below an overview of recommended hay is shown. Hay is the most important food in a rabbits diet, they should have 80 to 90 percent of hay in there diet. Fruit should be given to your bunny one or two times … See also: What Fruits Can Lionhead Rabbits Eat. We recommend: Carefresh Timothy Hay Pet Food, 32-Ounce. With the exception of Hay , Pellets and Fruits, it is ideal to keep a focus on the wide variety of green leaf and non-leafy vegetables available. Ensuring a rabbit has a healthy diet will depend much on knowing exactly what vegetables rabbits can eat. Your bunny might not like pellets, try feeding him more hay, and talk to your vet and see if an all veggie diet would work for you and your bunny. Below are the most important issues on how to take care of your Lionhead rabbit. The daily healthy diet of a Lionhead rabbit … The Lionhead Rabbit is a relatively new rabbit breed within the United States of America. This rabbit breed’s coat is the soft, matt-free appearance, they need to be brushed at least once a week. Oxbow Essentials Young Rabbit Food – Formulated for juvenile rabbits, these pellets offer a high concentration of protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients. Ensuring a rabbit has a healthy diet will depend much on knowing exactly what vegetables rabbits can eat. Besides, expert’s state that is has also some dental benefits. This helps us paying the costs for keeping this lionhead website online. All in all, exercise caution and moderation when feeding your rabbits, and your Lionheads will have a long and healthy life. The hay must be of good quality, containing flowers and herbs. Lionhead rabbit diet is matters because it affects the weight. As a result it is not recommended to feed lionhead rabbits who are older than 7 months with Alfalfa hay. It is important to provide your lionhead rabbit with a healthy diet. Although the breed had been imported around 1998, it was not until 2014 that the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) approved the Lionhead Rabbit as an officially recognized breed. P.s have you tried Sherwood or Oxbow? Kaytee Alfalfa Mini Bale Pet Treat, 24-Ounce, http://rabbit.org/suggested-vegetables-and-fruits-for-a-rabbit-diet/. She poops ALOT. Greens are very good for your rabbit, but if you give your rabbit some watch his poop, if it’s really runny, you might not to feed you rabbit that vegetable or try to give you bunny a little bit more in a couple days. More than 75% of their diet should consist out of eating hay. Timothy hay is therefore extremely suitable for rabbits of all age. It must be available 24/7 for your pet. I also have a lionhead he loves bananas only small portion, Timothy hay and he loves harvest advanced nutrion diet it has pellets, dried fruit and veggues and seeds. An approved rabbit food list can help make meal planning easier. Rabbits, like many other pets, should be given the right amount of recommended food for a balanced nutrition because proper diet can lengthen the life expectancy of your rabbit. We recommend the Oxbow Bunny Basics rabbit food for the Lionhead rabbit. (The pellet food should take no more than 10-15% of the daily Lionhead rabbit diet. In contrast, the United Kingdom’s British Rabbit … Lettuce is very good for you rabbit, it will improve your rabbits health, just don’t feed them iceberg. Please feed you bunnys hay, if you look it up all the website you will find will say that all bunnys need hay, no matter their breed. Fresh, clean drinking water and good quality hay and grass should make up the majority of your rabbits' diet. A very new breed, the Lionhead is not recognised as a breed by all breeders’ associations. same, they said the lettuce would cause the rabbit to have the runs and make he/she be sick ???! I have fed him normal food for two days but can I feed him greens two days a week? What tit bits can my lion head eat without fear he loves the little hangingtreat call natures nibbles also he loved abig ball looks like twigs, Lettuce and other vegetables that have a high water content are not suitable for rabbits, it causes diarrhea and can lead to death, spring greens, berries in limited amounts are fine, no celery, again, water content is to high and the fibers are not easily digested, rabbits have a poor digestive system so that’s why they poop alot. For example meadow hay. And always make sure that you are feeding them foods that are safe for rabbits to eat. It is very important to know what and how to feed your Lionhead rabbits but more importantly to know what NOT to give them. For example, hay has fiber, which helps move waste through your rabbit’s intestines and prevent intestinal stasis (‘gut stasis’). When choosing vegetables look for something fresh and free of pesticides. This does not need to worry you since they get enough water for growth and reproduction from that food. Contact your vet or pet store if you would like some more information about these alternatives. As, when buying any rabbit… In addition to providing a healthy diet you should frequently check their health status. Lionhead rabbits are a relatively new breed of domesticated rabbits to the United States. Moreover, fresh water should be available at all time. Your rabbit needs to have 1 cup per 2 pounds of body weight a day! More than 75% of their diet should consist out of eating hay. Nevertheless, it is a very suitable hay for young lionhead bunnies since they need a lot nutrition in order to grow. Namely, Single mane Lionhead rabbit breed and double mane Lionhead rabbit breed. It the other food like carrots and lettuce. Your not doing anything wrong, your bunny probably likes snacking on it though the day. However, its level of activity should be taken into consideration to meet its nutritional diet. I had a bunny that loved it and lived a good long life, but I’d always ask the experts. Healthy food is the main reason behind happy rabbits. Care requirements, especially with diet, are generally the same as with other breeds of rabbit, but Lionhead rabbits may be more prone to dental disease than other breeds and have more risk of developing hairballs, leading to digestive problems, both of which can be potentially fatal conditions. Some rabbits don’t like pellets. Lucerne or how most people call it; Alfalfa hay is one of the most commonly used hay within a rabbit diet. There are many different kinds of hay available. For your Lionhead rabbit, you should also provide a varied diet. If your bunnys poop doesn’t get any better you might want to call your vet. Rabbits should be fed a mix of hay, fresh vegetables and commercial pellets. ... Lionhead rabbits are found in all the same colours as the Netherland Dwarf. In the wild, rabbits eat grasses, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. I have a 7week old Polished lion head ! The basic ingredient of a rabbit diet is hay. Hay is the most important food in the Lionhead rabbit’s diet. Hi, yes, veg such as celerly, broccoli and fennel, you can each day, but herbs such as parsley, and balm a few times a week. No iceberg lettuce romaine or other dark green lettuce dark green vegetables broccilli asparagus. Should they eat fruit? Fresh and clean water should ALWAYS be available (especially during the hot days). These pellets which are in fact small pieces of squeezed hay also contain a lot of nutrients of which it is possible that they are not present within the regular hay your rabbit gets. Please take the above in consideration when composing the diet. The page describes in great detail what you should feed and what you shouldn’t feed your lionhead. Special features. However, not too much pelleted food is needed for good rabbit’s health. Before you replace the water make sure you clean the bottle/container in order to maintain their health. Various types of dry and fresh grasses and plants with leaves comprise the largest portion of the wild rabbit diet. Required fields are marked *. For treats you can give your bunny fresh fruits like blue berry as and pineapple? Some rabbits that have a diet rich of fresh and green food, do not drink to much water. The basic ingredient of a rabbit diet is hay. Yes, it can serve as a dessert, but It should be given in small quantities (1 or 2 times per week). Timothy hay provides a growing lionhead plenty of minerals and vitamins as well as fat, proteins, and calcium. Some food that looks like their natural food is actually extremely bad for them and should not be part of the Lionhead rabbit diet. Feeding your lionhead rabbit is not that complicated. Good fresh fruits to feed your Lionhead Rabbit include: Apple (any variety, without stem and seeds), Banana, Grapes, Strawberries , Cherries (any variety, without the pits), Pear etc. I have a question. Identical to Alfalfa hay Timothy Hay is also a healthy fiber source that contains calcium, proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals. Lionhead Rabbit’s Diet. In general their diet consists out of eating hay and drinking water. She doesn’t seem to like them! The Silver Fox Rabbit doesn’t really appear as a pet. Fruit: Give to a bunny once or twice per week. Looking for a good deal? Hope this helped! This is the dame with carrots and apples.Lettuce is a lactive and should rarley befed as can harm your rabbits digestive system. my name is Hannah and I feed my lion head rabbit celery and lettuce every day but you only have to give it to them three times a day does that answer you question. As a result it might be wise to consult your vet for some advice. i know the lady I got him from said not no feed it to him, Corn is very bad for a rabbit and can cause blockage and can even kill your rabbit. Ask the vet, to be sure. Hay is generally considered a staple for rabbits of any age, especially young ones, because it is incredibly easy for the rabbit to digest. Purchasing Your Lionhead Rabbit . Remember NEVER feed your rabbit iceberg lettuce. Rabbits in the wild all over the world successfully consume a wide variety of plant material. There are several reasons why fresh green food should have a special place in the rabbit’s diet. In order to keep your lionhead rabbit healthy it is important to the select the best diet and give them healthy food only. Best to look up the buns on the ARBA site. However, please keep in mind to be careful with feeding pellets. you have overfed the bun. Parsley is very good for your rabbit, I give mine some daily and he loves it! The lionhead rabbits diet should be mostly hay. I have a question I have a lionhead dwarf rabbit and I was wondering if he (peanut) can have corn? It has many benefits. You should give you rabbit a variety of fresh greens daily, but in small quantities. You should give your rabbit 1 cup of greens for 2 lbs of rabbit body weight. Also take a look at these safe plants that lionhead rabbits are allowed to eat. 80% of the vegetables should be Leaf vegetables (leafy greens). I feed my rabbit basically all veggies every day and I have seen a HUGE deference in his health and attitude, he is a very healthy, happy rabbit and has never had any problems. And cilantro, mine LOVE cilantro lol, my female will tip her bowl eat all of that first then eat the rest. Example of a white fur, blue eyed Lionhead . A bad breeder will mean your rabbit won't have had the best start in … Therefore feeding can easily lead to obesity. Any leafy green that is safe for a human to eat is safe for a rabbit as well. you can feed your rabbit lettuce, just don’t give it too much because that can lead to the rabbit having the runs:). This should always be fresh and of the best quality you can find. Here are a couple great bunny YouTube channels, Stormyrabbits, 101rabbits, Lennon the bunny. Water is essential for the rabbit’s health. For example, if you feed your rabbit with food that contains loads of proteins or fat this might harm him. ). Will you help us? Besides eating hay it is essential to provide your lionhead rabbit with fresh water. An alternative is to search the online web for recommendations. Lionhead rabbits eat hay, pellets, fruits, and vegetables. It’s not absolutely necessary to feed pellets it they won’t eat them. Food. Brush your lionhead rabbit daily. Do some research.? Hay also gives your rabbit something to chew on, which helps him keep his teeth filed down.. That is why It is usually recommended to wait for some 3-4 months before introducing green food in the Lionhead rabbit diet. If you are introducing a new vegetable that your rabbit has never tried it before, be sure to do it one at a time. Silver Fox Rabbit. Rabbits have to be constantly eating and if they have not eaten within 12 hours they can get really sick and die. Adopting and caring for a Lionhead rabbit is a serious business. What makes this type of hay so popular is that it is a great a fiber source, its nutrition value is extremely high. Lionhead Rabbits love hay Keep your lionhead healthy. If you are looking for more detailed information about what your lionhead rabbit should eat and how many times you should feed him or her we refer to this special basic feeding guidelines page. In cooperation with Amazon.com we can offer you exclusive discounts and the best deals for all your lionhead supplies. Because rabbits have tendency to overeat pellets, which can lead to obesity, it is necessary to take into account the amount of pellets in their diet. They need for example a lot of extra daily care and have a special diet. Lettuce is good like romaine no ice berg. Make sure that you go to a reputable breeder or rescue organization to find your Lionhead Rabbit. Moreover, when food isn’t fresh it will lose its nutrition value. Any other is good (Boston, Leafy, Romaine, ect.) That’s why they need a diet rich in fiber. The diet matters because it affects the weight. Quality hay is green in color and has a pleasant aromatic odor. It regulates digestion and prevents creation of dangerous hair balls in the digestive tract. Feeding your Lionhead with different types of hay maintains a balanced diet … Formulated for adult rabbits, this is a pellet only diet rather than a muesli diet to help prevent selective eating. how many cups of pellets does a 2-3 pound lion head need to eat. Romaine lettuce – Spinach – Spring mix from the grocery store – peppers, all colors – Cucumber – Papaya, make sure there is no added sugars or preservatives in any of these fruits – celery is ok in small amounts – Dandilions, make sure there are no pesticides or poisons on them or around them – Clover, white and green – Grass, make sure there is no poisons – carrots, in small amounts because of the high natural sugar content – pineapple, only as a treat – apple, only as a treat and do not give them the seeds they are toxic – Blue berries – kale – Collard greens – parsley – basil – thym – rosemary – mint – and much more! Hello, I got my lion head bunny two days ago, he is only 10 weeks old. If they have no reaction, give them a bit more. A fibrous diet will prevent your Lionhead… Their are lots of good leaf lettuce to feed your rabbit, here are just a few-romaine, Kale, Collared greens, and lots of others too! I have a lionhead rabbit and he doesn’t eat his pellets I tried like 4 brands and nothing why doesn’t my rabbit eat his pellets? If you are wondering whether rabbits can eat watermelon, then the answer is a resounding yes. Feed new vegetables in small quantities until you can judge if your rabbit … Just make sure never to give you bunny potatoes or ice berg lettuce. i give hay and pellets, he eats when he wants to, he eats a few pieces leaves the bowl comes back and for that all day. This hay is also good for their teeth (more on lionhead … Main part of their diet should be hay and high quality pellets. These high-carb sugary treats will really only “treat” your bunny … … Provide your rabbit with hay. However, the great difference is that Timothy hay has smaller amounts of nutrition.

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